Mathias Delori (born in 1978) is a French political scientist and historian. He is currently a CNRS research fellow at the Centre Marc Bloch in Berlin. His main field of expertise is the social construction of the notions of friends and enemies in international relations. He has worked extensively on two cases: the relations between France and Germany during the 20th century and contemporary Western wars (the so-called "war on terror" and "humanitarian" wars). Parallel to this, Mathias has conducted some (critical) researches on the positivist approaches to the social sciences.

The section "publications" entails the introductions of Mathias' books and all his articles and book chapters. You can also find some videos, audio recordings and blog articles (all in French) in the French version of this website. Please click on the "Français" tag on the top right corner to access them. Those students who have lost a syllabus can also find it in the "Teaching" section.


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